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Frequently asked questions

Where did you get the idea to write this book?

I think everyone needs to know what’s said in books about happiness. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t read them, and I wondered why. The answer: presentation. That’s why I decided to find a better way to get the message across.

How is your book different from others?

It’s simpler, shorter and more dynamic than most other books of that style. I simply asked myself what the reader needs. After a day’s work, they want something simple, quick and entertaining. My book offers all of that.

With such a simple style, don’t you worry that they’ll think your language skills are limited?

When we want to be impressed by the beauty of language, we read poetry. I’m proposing solutions to improve people’s lives, so it needs to stay simple. I just want to get a message across, not show that I know how to write.

Don’t you get the impression that your book is too short to be complete?

Most people lack time. I wanted to make their life easier by talking about what’s essential, rather than trying to say everything at once. But my website contains a lot more information that complements my book. The website also lets me be available to everyone.

Why did you choose to present your book as a dialogue?

Because that is often the most vibrant part of a book. I want my readers to enjoy reading. A simple list of principles is often a bit boring, but a conversation is full of energy.

Why do you tell the readers that they’re the hero in the book?

Because everyone is experiencing the same things as the hero in the book. I want readers to feel that the book is talking about their lives. After all, I wrote it for them.

Do you consider yourself a specialist in behaviour?

Not at all! I’m just someone who’s happy and who uses a passion for writing to help others be happier.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be happy?

First, I’m surrounded by love, both the love I give and the love I receive. That’s by far the most important part. But in addition, I’ve found what I want to do with my life . . .  and I’m doing it: I’m helping people be happier.