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Pierre Dubé

Pierre Dubé

This is where I’m supposed to show you how brilliant I am. After all, why would you want to read my book if you don’t know about all the incredible things I’ve done in life?

Well, sorry to disappoint you: I’m just an everyday person. The only thing special about me is that I want to help other people be happier.

I could tell you that I began reading when I was three. That I was already teaching French as a young teenager. Or that I was giving conferences on writing before I even started university.

But what would that change? It would show you that I know how to write, but that’s not what you need: you want to know how my book can help you. Period! The rest is just background noise.

Most importantly, I have read hundreds of books on happiness. Over time, I finally understood some things and used that to improve my life.

The result? Today, I am truly happy! And I want you to benefit from that. You have a right to know my secret!

And my book will reveal it by helping you discover a new way to look at your life.

Now it’s your turn!

BUT . . .

. . . if you really want to get to know me, you can read my full story.